Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Year 7 Camp

The year sevens went on to vertical horizons last week. The story below was written Danielle  


As I tightened my harness. Strap by strap. I pulled it up as high as I could go. Click! My helmet was ready.
The lady checked my harness.

I stood on my mark. I was all set and ready to go.
My eyes glanced up. The sun was shinny down into my eyes. Clouds were wandering around the sky. Nervously I walked to the first pole

“Danielle are you ready, YES” I replied to the instructor. “ Team are u ready, YES” They all shouted back. “Danielle run, team pull, team stop” Suddenly I was up in the air. It all happened so quickly. I was dangling from high above. Spinning around and around.

I performed heaps of tricks. I was swimming and running in mid air. I stuck my hand out and stretched my legs. I was superman. I was slowly lowered down to the ground and made my way to the next pole. I did the same thing once again.

I loved every bit. It was the best camp ever.


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