Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Procedural Writing

This week In Room 1 for writing we have started our Procedural writing. Brylee and Zekiel completed a piece of writing on how to Putt a golf ball.

Title: Fore
Goal: How to putt in golf
Materials/Equipment: putter, golf ball, green

  1. Take the flag out of the hole
  2. Then walk around the green to look at the different angles
  3. Next walk the line of the ball(between the ball and the hole)
  4. Now line the ball up, this is where you visualise where the ball will go after you hit it
  5. Twist the ball on the spot,this allows you to line the writing on the ball up with the hole
  6. Go get your putter
  7. Stand back and have a practise swing
  8. Meanwhile you can approach the ball and put the putter behind the ball
  9. Ensure the ball is between your feet, and the putter is resting on the green behind the ball
  10. Finally your head stays down and use the same practise swing,lift putter back and swing through

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