Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Great Writing

During the past few weeks Room1 have been focussing on recounts for their writing. Over the next few weeks we will share some of the recounts that Room 1 students have completed. This is Meg's recount of her trip to Auckland.

No Sound Without Silence

I sat excitedly awaiting their arrival. Watching the clock decline. 3,2,1. A green glow appeared from the side door and out they came surrounded by people carrying colossal green L.E.D's.

Suddenly an ear piercing noise came from the guitars on stage. "I know you're 
missing home," Bellowed from the speakers throughout vector arena. Every single person in the crowd jumped up from the velvet seats and started chanting the 
chorus. "It's alright cause tonight we gunna paint the town green"

After singing all their number one hits they launched down off the stage and made a mad rush for a small black platform on the border of the mosh pit. They told a story about their first ever song released then sang "Man that can't be moved."

As they belted out the lyrics to "hall of fame" their last song of the night, the whole crowd went ballistic. The night was over, the lights came up and everyone fled.

That was one of the best nights of my life. It was amazing. They are so talented and 
I really hope that when they come back the 'Paint the town green.'

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