Monday, 21 July 2014

Ryan K's Holiday in Fiji

This is a story about my family's holiday in Fiji.
We went on a plane from New Plymouth to Auckland then went on Fiji airways to Fiji.
When we got to Fiji everyone said "Bula" and it means hello and "Vinaka" means thanks.

We stayed at the Shangri la Resort and every morning I had a donut for breakfast. At the beach we went on the banana boat, a kayak and I learnt how to snorkel.I saw bats, sea snakes, crabs and a sea snail at the resort.
We went on a boat to South Sea lsland and went on a glass bottom submarine, it  went close to the reefs.

We met a man called Ace and he took us to visit his village and the school. He was the chiefs brother. At the school they didn't have any electricity or smartboards. They used chalk on the black boards.
I drank kava at the village, it looked like muddy water and tasted like wood.
I liked Fiji so much and the people are really nice.


Thank you for sharing your holiday with us Ryan. This is a fantastic post.

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