Monday, 31 March 2014

Post of the Week (Week 8)

On Saturday I went to the Hurleyville pumpkin festival. There was a lot of things there but the one thing I liked was the coconut throw. I had to throw strong balls at four coconuts and what ever I hit I get.

So I lined up. The ball was in my hands and i threw it and it hit it! "Wow" said Dad as he handed me my next ball. "Nice job."

I threw my next few balls but I didn't hit it again. "Nice hitting said the lady as she gave me my coconut."Wow thats heavy" I said as I heaved the coconut over to mum.

That day was a day I will never forget. Well done Mackenna. I am really impressed at how well you have aligned your 4 photos. That is an interesting way to open up a 'nu'! Great post.

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